Cleveland Construction Welcomes Summer 2021 Interns

Cleveland Construction Inc. is excited to welcome our Summer 2021 interns into our offices. Our 11 interns are spread out through our offices, with interns working in Cleveland, Naples, and Charlotte. We have interns for several sectors, including accounting, safety, marketing, construction management, engineering, and legal. Our construction interns work in the field as well as the office, getting to experience both aspects of the industry. Our 10-week program includes classwork, office work, training, and experience on an active jobsite for everyone, regardless of which department they work in.

Each intern has been assigned a Cleveland Construction mentor for the summer. These mentors guide them in their respective fields, giving them parts of projects to work on and explaining the higher-level work in progress. The mentors will also help each intern prepare a presentation at the end of the summer. These presentations will explain what the interns have learned and how they applied it, with the winners receiving scholarships for their school.

On Mondays, the interns all come into the office for a day of learning. Each Monday has a different topic, such as quality management, safety training, construction scheduling, and overall project management. After listening to a presentation prepared by a Cleveland Construction team member, the interns are sent to work on real-world examples. These hands-on lessons include reviewing mock-ups, scheduling, creating scopes, and reviewing submittals.

The interns are also getting experience in interdisciplinary skills as they work with each other. Harper Bone, the marketing intern, located in Cleveland, says, “Getting to work with everyone from accounting, to field interns, to the estimating department has shown me how all the departments support each other at Cleveland Construction in order for each and every project to succeed”.

"All the departments support each other at Cleveland Construction in order for each and every project to succeed” - Harper Bone

Our Summer Internship program is not about sitting back and watching, or getting their mentor a coffee, it is about having our interns develop hard skills that can be applied for the rest of their career. Here at Cleveland Construction, we learn by doing. Michael Hilbig, a returning intern from Summer 2020, said “I’m most excited to learn about wood framed builds. I will be helping Bob supervise the entire building 2 lumber and framing build. This will teach me an invaluable set of skills about a certain type of building that I will need to know for the rest of my career”. Last year, Michael, a student at Purdue University, mainly worked in the office, but now he is getting experience on one of our largest projects, The Ascent at Top of the Hill.

"This will teach me an invaluable set of skills that I will need to know for the rest of my career” - Michael Hilbig

At Cleveland Construction, we strive to foster an open and welcoming environment. We want our interns to come out stronger workers, with more knowledge and skill in the industry. Our mentors serve as people to answer their questions, explain construction means and methods, and motivate them to be their best.

We are thrilled to share each intern’s journey, projects, and growth through our social platforms and website over the coming weeks. If you are interested in learning more about our Summer internship program or its application process, please check out here for more information.