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Cleveland Construction utilities time tracking software to account for everyone work onsite. All workers will receive a photo identification badge with a QR code that is required to scan upon entering a Cleveland Construction jobsite. Our managers can see who’s in and run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere.

A Job Hazard Analysis is a written outline of each task performed by a specific trade, the potential hazards that may be encountered while performing that task, and the safeguards that must be set up to eliminate the hazard or protect workers who may be exposed to it.

Yes, all subcontractors will be required to prepare a Job Hazard Analysis to cover their entire scope of work. This is how Cleveland is able to take such a highly systematic approach to maintaining a safe workplace.

If your company is a registered subcontractor and has provided us with your email address or fax number, you will automatically receive bidding invitations based on your location and the scope of work you perform.

After you log into our Subcontractor Plan Room, click on the icon in the Documents column next to the project you are looking for. This link with take you to a secure cloud-based website where you can download the construction drawings.

Yes. You can fax your bids to our estimating department at 440-255-8096.