Warranty Program

Backing up our word, and our work

Our warranty program ensures you receive the highest level of attentiveness and support both during and after the construction of your project. We staff a dedicated warranty manager to ensure client expectations are met, and often exceeded.

Quality control comes first.

Quality control audits are regularly conducted by our team to verify that materials and workmanship measure up to your project's plan and specifications. Our warranty manager is involved throughout, helping to prevent common construction problems, build relationships with subcontractors, and ensure best outcomes. Should future warranty work become necessary, our warranty manager is already up to speed on your project and is able to make adjustments quickly.

One point of contact. Many benefits.

When construction is complete, our warranty manager remains involved in the project throughout the warranty period. Our clients enjoy this single-point-of-contact for all warranty concerns, simplifying communications and ensuring a timely response. Always up to speed on the project, our warranty manager can efficiently troubleshoot issues and schedule contractors to make immediate repairs.

Warranty Period.

The warranty period typically concludes with a final comprehensive inspection of the building conducted by our warranty manager and the owner's representative. Items of concern are noted and addressed before the expiration of the warranty.

We are committed to providing our clients with quality buildings, and we established the dedicated warranty manager position specifically to ensure that this commitment is fully met, if not exceeded.


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