Wyse Advertising Headquarters

Cleveland, Ohio

Project Overview

To incorporate a open work environment that encourages workers to collaborate that is required within the advertising industry, Cleveland Construction met and conquered many challenges in the 28,000 sq. ft. build-out of the first floor of Cleveland’s historic 668 Euclid Building for Wyse Advertising, one of the Midwest’s largest and oldest independent advertising firms.

Cleveland Construction was able to work closely with the owner, tenant, architect and subcontractors to value engineer and offer alternative solutions to achieve cost savings on the project in order to bring it into line with the available budget and allowed construction to proceed. Another challenge was to coordinate Cleveland Construction’s schedule due to the coordination with the coinciding construction of the base building work.


  • Location
    Cleveland, Ohio
  • Owner
    Wyse Advertising
  • Architect
    Mulle & Associates, LLC
  • Completion Date
    December 2009


Services Provided

  • Preconstruction
  • General Contracting
  • Safety Management
  • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
  • Scheduling

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