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TownePlace Suites

Cleveland Construction, Inc. was the Construction Manager for a new custom Marriott TownePlace Suites hotel located in the downtown medical center area of Orlando, Florida. 

This 6-story, 73,000 SF masonry, and precast plank hotel facility was built on a 1.18-acre site and consists of 110 guestrooms with various support functions.

Public spaces on the ground floor feature custom finishes and include a guest lobby with lounges, a breakfast room with communal areas, a full-service bar, food preparation areas, restrooms, a fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool. 

Back-of-house service areas on the ground floor level include a laundry facility, sales offices, an employee breakroom, and storage, electrical, and maintenance spaces.

The project also included a range of site development work, including asphalt parking lots with controlled gate access, landscaping, sidewalks, concrete pavers at the entrance of the hotel, a porte-cochère, and site lighting.


  • Location
    Orlando, Florida
  • Owner
    51 Columbia Hotel Property, LLC
  • Architect
    LLW Architects
  • Completion Date
    Under Construction


Services Provided

  • Construction Management
  • Safety Management

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