100 North Main Redevelopment

Memphis, Tennessee

Adaptive Reuse Construction

Adaptive Reuse Contractor for the Redevelopment of 100 North Main Memphis

Cleveland Construction, Inc. is the construction manager for the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of the 37-story 100 North Main building, the tallest structure in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.

The redevelopment project is organized into two phases, with Phase 1 beginning in January 2024.

Phase I Includes the following key components:

  • Abatement and Demolition: Safely removing hazardous materials from the existing structure to prepare for redevelopment.
  • Make-Safe Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical: Ensuring these systems pose no risk to demo/abatement activities and the property.
  • Temporary Power and Lighting: Establishing provisional power sources and lighting solutions.
  • Elevator Repair: Addressing and enhancing the functionality of existing elevator systems.
  • Debris, Mold, and Waste Removal: Removal of debris, mold, and waste materials to facilitate a clean and safe working environment.

The 100 North Main Street building, abandoned in 2014, is undergoing a transformation by 100 North Main Development Partners after ten years of neglect. The first phase of the redevelopment began in 2024. The groundbreaking event was held in November 2023, signifying a pivotal effort to revitalize and repurpose this prominent landmark in Downtown Memphis.

Phase II of the redevelopment will include the adaptive reuse of 100 North Main into a mixed-use facility. The completed project will consist of a hotel, multi-family apartments, corporate offices, a parking garage, and a rooftop pool and restaurant.



  • Location
    Memphis, Tennessee
  • Owner
    100 North Main Development Partners
  • Architect
    HBG Design
  • Completion Date
    Under Construction


Services Provided

  • Phase 1: Selective Demolition & Make Safe
  • Historic Adaptive Reuse Construction Management

Experts in Adaptive Reuse & Renovation Construction Managers

Cleveland Construction is passionate about historic renovation and adaptive reuse projects. As experts in adaptive reuse construction, We can walk you through the adaptive reuse process and take care of every aspect of your buildings' restoration.

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