Integrated Project Delivery

integrated project

Our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method is an extension of our design-build services with additional technologies to meet your project goals in a more efficient manner. With IPD, we promote a collaborative team atmosphere where information is openly shared and collectivity managed by a multi-party contract. The success of the entire team is tied to the overall success of your project, which allows you gather the best talents and vision from everyone involved.

Integrated Project Delivery can be an effective delivery method for your project that may yield better results. The benefits of utilizing this multi-party collaborative-type delivery approach are the following:

  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Shared risk & reward
  • Early involvement of key project members
  • Aligning with project goals
  • Open lines of communications with the project team
  • Limits on litigation
  • Little to no construction changes orders
  • Owner directed changes delivered in less time
  • Co-location of the entire project team
  • Increase in design and construction quality

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If you’re interested in utilizing our integrated services or learning more about on how you can benefit by fully integrating your project teams, contact us