Warranty Program

Backing up our word, and our work.

Our warranty program ensures you receive the highest level of attentiveness and support both during and after construction of your project. We staff a dedicated warranty manager to ensure client expectations are met, and often exceeded.

Quality control comes first.

Quality control audits are regularly conducted by our team to verify that materials and workmanship measure up to your project's plan and specifications. Our warranty manager is involved throughout, helping to prevent common construction problems, build relationships with subcontractors, and ensure best outcomes. Should future warranty work become necessary, our warranty manager is already up to speed on your project and is able to make adjustments quickly.

One point of contact. Many benefits.

When construction is complete, our warranty manager remains involved in the project throughout the warranty period. Our clients enjoy this single-point-of-contact for all warranty concerns, simplifying communications and ensuring timely response. Always up to speed on the project, our warranty manager can efficiently troubleshoot issues and schedule contractors to make immediate repairs.

Warranty Period.

The warranty period typically concludes with a final comprehensive inspection of the building conducted by our warranty manager and the owner's representative. Items of concern are noted and addressed before expiration of the warranty.

We are committed to providing our clients with quality buildings, and we established the dedicated warranty manager position specifically to ensure that this commitment is fully met, if not exceeded.

FAQs - Warranty Program

A. Dan Williams is Cleveland Construction’s Warranty Manager. Dan will communicate with your Project Manager and any subcontractors to troubleshoot your issue and make timely repairs.

A. When reporting an issue, please provide a detailed description, accurate location and photos of the issue. This will help our Warranty Department solve your issue faster and more efficiently.

A. Our Warranty Department goes into problems solving mode. We evaluate the issue and determine the cause, assign responsibility, notify the subcontractor and follow-up. We will also notify you immediately when your issue has been corrected.

A. Our Warranty Manager will strive to contact you within 3 business days if not sooner, regarding all warranty claims. Contractors are required to resolve issues within 7 days. Ordering of parts, design clarifications, etc. can slow the process. Our Warranty Manager will communicate with the owner when these unforeseen situations arise.

A. Workmanship and materials installed and provided by Cleveland Construction during construction of your building.

A. Owner supplied materials and installations. Defects due to abuse, neglect or damage by the owner and/or as a result of manufacturer design deficiencies. Wear items (light bulbs, etc.) are also not generally covered by the warranty unless specific warranties have been provided by the manufacturer/supplier.

A. Generally the warranty period is 12 months from the date of possession by the owner. There are contractual differences that may change the warranty duration. Our Warranty Manager can provide specific warranty expiration dates if needed.

A. The contractor must be allowed an opportunity to review, troubleshoot and repair defects. If a third-party is hired by the owner before this opportunity is given, then the warranty for that particular item is generally voided by the contractor and/or material supplier. The original installing contractor should always be the first one notified of a problem. Keep in mind, the O&M Manuals presented to the owner at the conclusion of the project provide an outline of the many necessary maintenance requirements for the various complex systems incorporated into the building. A lack of proper maintenance on the part of the owner will also void warranties and decrease the life-span of the building, the equipment and the fixtures.

A. Although there may not be a contractual obligation on the part of the contractor to respond to this issue, we strive to resolve all issues with our clients. The issue can still be reported to our Warranty Manager or submitted through our Warranty Request system. An investigation of the facts will be conducted and findings will be reported back to you. Resolution of the issue will be based on the particular facts and circumstances of that issue.

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