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Cleveland Construction

We are a national commercial construction management firm helping hotel developers, retailers, and businesses with their construction needs. We are passionate about construction management because we have seen how our services have helped our clients get their facilities​ open and begin generating income faster.

Dan Williams

Dan is leading the culture change for contractors to focus on developing goals to prevent construction rework through planning and education. Dan frequently travels to active jobsites to assist the field teams in achieving the Cleveland Construction mission of Zero Rework. As a writer, Dan gets to the heart of the importance of pre-planning, how to develop quality management plans, and culture creation with every piece of content he works on. When not working, you can usually find Dan on a mountain somewhere in Maine.

Devan Kurilko

Are you looking to start your career in construction? Devan Kurilko will help you build a successful construction career through Cleveland Construction's Apprenticeship Program. As Cleveland Construction's Apprenticeship Manager, Devan ensures that as an apprentice, you are given a solid education from certified trainers in the classroom and on-the-job experience from knowledgeable field superintendents that help develop your skills and build a promising career in the construction industry.

Elliot Christiansen

Elliot Christiansen is a Vice President of Construction and oversees the company's construction management projects throughout the State of Florida. Elliot can be reached at 407-440-1011.

Jason Ziegler

Jason oversees preconstruction, cost estimating, project logistics, scheduling, material procurement, and pricing activities for Cleveland Construction. With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, Jason writes on industry trends, new construction materials, pricing, and project cost savings success stories.

Meghan Bracken

Meghan is a Senior Project Manager at Cleveland Construction. She has managed the construction of over $300 million in projects for her clients for new hotels, retail developments, and office buildings.

Mitch Dadante

Fluent in both “safety-speak” and “train-ese,” Mitch brings his experience and passion in developing training programs designed to enhance the safety culture throughout the construction industry. You can reach Mitch at