Today, Cleveland Construction conducted its 4th multi-day training seminar for our Project Managers and Superintendents. Our Manager’s learned about the changes in the construction workforce, geotechnical fundamentals, trending Stormwater regulations and safety success stories at our current projects.

Elliot Christiansen, Cleveland Construction Project Manager, walks-through Quality Assurance/Quality Control best practices. Elliot presented to the group common problems with onsite quality controls, how to better prepare subcontractors for success, requirements for pre-construction and pre-installation meetings as well as details of the inspection process.

Mitch DaDante, Cleveland Construction’s Safety Director, gives a presentation on the recent safety success stories and recognizes the hard work of our Superintendents. Mitch also showed the group how we can strengthen our safety culture by focusing on the "little things" on our construction project.

Jan Bjorksten, Cleveland Construction’s IT Director teaches our Project Managers and Superintendents how to share, access and manage construction plans and documents on their mobile devices using cloud software and apps.

Rich York, Cleveland Construction’s Manager of Stormwater Compliance, is seen here giving a presentation on trending Stormwater regulations, new Stormwater documentation, and hazardous waste management and disposal procedures. Rich is a Certified Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Inspector (CESSWI) that teaches our Manager’s the best practices for reducing on-site erosion and off-site sedimentation to protect our environment.